Reduce Your Costs

Save up to 60% on workers' compensation insurance through our network of A-rated carriers. Due to the protection and resources provided through the EMOD report program, you will gain access to EXCLUSIVE carrier rates. We will also apply for maximum discounts for safety programs, training, and other various practices.

  1. Services that provide discounted work cop rates:
  2. Accident & Loss Prevention Services
  3. 24/7 Nurse Triage Care
  4. Facilitation of on-site claims review
  5. Safety Training
  6. Ergonomics
  7. Material handling and back safety
  8. Accident investigation
  9. Injury review process and root cause analysis
  10. Self-inspection strategies
  11. Machine safeguarding
  12. Disaster recovery planning
  13. Early return to work
  14. Substance abuse testing programs
  15. Management commitment in accident prevention
  16. Formalizing written safety programs