Recover Overcharges

Audit and premium calculation errors happen all the time and most business insurance clients have no idea that there are errors in their premium or audits calculations. We find errors in all aspects of workers compensation insurance policies and audit processes. Removed work comp credits, misclassified workers, charges for subcontractors, unexplained changes in EMR or experience modification rating factors, improper application of governing rules, no physical audits, payrolls that do not match, rate changes applied at audit, not allowed payroll separation are just a few of the more common mistakes made that we discover.

With this service we: 

  1. Will help you identify if there is a need to dispute an audit or premium charges
  2. Will assist you in filing a proper workers compensation dispute with your insurance company 
  3. Can independently review an ongoing audit dispute and help you evaluate the effectiveness of continuing with your dispute 
  4. Can assist you in negotiating with your insurance company on an ongoing dispute 
  5. Will represent your concerns to the insurance company from the point of an independent, outside consultant 
  6. Can assist you with the “next step” if your initial dispute has been denied 
  7. Will help you file a Workers Compensation Board Appeal if your initial audit dispute is denied