Improve Your Experience Modification Rate
Reduce Your Workers' Compensation Costs

"The EMOD Report Program utilizes ground-breaking practices and the latest technology to help a company improve its experience modification rate and reduce workers’ compensation costs."

"The EMOD Report Program is a game-changer for companies in California"





Thinking about workers’ compensation can be frustrating, and every company owner deserves to feel confident about their EMOD, workers’ compensation coverage, and costs. We’ve made it simple and easy to get the help, tools, education, and the opportunities you need to make profitable decisions. EMOD Report Insurance Services offers business owners alternatives to the current high dollar insurance programs. Our job is to give you the tools, education, and opportunities to get the lowest possible experience modification rate & workers’ compensation rates. Join Today!



Improve Your EMOD

Most companies have no idea that errors are inflating their experience modification rate. We will do an in-depth analysis to find the errors and find any other opportunity to improve your EMOD to the lowest possible rate.

The analysis includes lowering reserves, closing claims, fighting fraudulent claims, removing subrogated claims that are reported, correcting misclassified employees, correction of payroll numbers, and other UNIT stats data


Reduce Your Costs

Save up to 60% on workers’ compensation insurance through our network of A-rated carriers.

Due to the protection and resources provided through the EMOD report program, you will gain access to EXCLUSIVE carrier rates. We will also apply for maximum discounts for safety programs, training, and other various practices.


Step 3

Recover Overcharges

We review your current and past policies looking for errors in premium charges and audit bills from your workers’ compensation carriers. If we find any errors, we will have the carrier(s) refund the overcharges back to you.

Errors can be found in the form of an inflated EMOD rate, removed work comp credits, misclassified employees, charges for subcontractors, no physical audits, payrolls that do not match, rate changes applied at audit, and other calculation errors.


Protect Your Company

We work together and tailor a strategic program to address safety and risk concerns. We will provide you a dedicated claims management team that will aggressively fight fraudulent claims, help close claims, and reduce reserves.

Services include nurse triage, full loss prevention services, safety services, claim investigation, and employee training.

Results From Our Members

Your review of our past Workers' Compensation policies produced a refund of just over $23,000, a refund produced by your finding overcharges in our old policies that we had never realized had occurred.
I would like to thank you for the great work you did in investigating the problem with our experience modification rating. Your discovery of errors as well as insurance companies' failures to submit data to WCIRB were critical to our company's ability to continue to do construction work on federal projects.

I would highly recommend an EMOD Report to anyone that is involved in a dispute with their Workers' Compensation Insurance carrier. They saved my business.

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Our industry-specific expertise has played an essential role in our clients success. Our knowledge of workers’ compensation insurance and the use of technology will bring the kind of value you’re looking for. We will tailor a powerful combination of insurance, safety and risk management solutions unique to your business.



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